This is a summation of episode 28 of the Landscape campaign.

The party reels in surprise as Leanor's body is transformed into a bansee, and flee through the corridors of the estate. Reginald and Darvin pursue the mysterious cleric, finally overtaking him in the town only to find the culprit had swallowed some sort of suicide pill. Examining the body, they find evidence that the saboteur had spent a great deal of time in the Shadow Plane.

Darvin spots a meteor, and remembering the last time something mysterious fell from the sky, investigates, finding a strange elephant shaped ship carrying Kel!

Daringly, the party returns to Farwall estate and searches the site of Leanor's transformation, finding a small black and gold talisman, and Rodmius' dead - but still active - body.

Without much else to go on, they return to Grem's Slide and decide to ask Wong about Ron . The shopkeeper is obviously hiding something, and when the party let's slip about their connection to Zola and her artifacts, Wong reveals his true nature...

Now, in the midst of a battle with the dangerous Wong, with Johann's lover Valerie dangling by her neck from the Grem's Slide clocktower, a mysterious and frightening portal begins to open right on the clock's face.