Wong was a NPC found in The Landscape Campaign, run by Shaun.

Wong was a human male working as head clerk in Ron Wilbur's Shop in Grem's Slide. He had adventured for a short time with Ron Wilbur before taking on the position and running most of the business.

Mysterious OccurancesEdit

A great deal of mystery surrounds Wong, his origins, his current allegiance and his seemingly mystical abilities. After Darvin Woodlund was magically compelled to murder Wong by the Heart of the Tree, Wong returned from the dead and resumed the management of the shop. Ron Wilbur became suspicious of Wong's allegiance at this time, suspecting he may be part of an evil organization responsible for the disapearance of Zola Zucconi Phrojekt.

The party has visited Wong several times, noting that he acts suspiciously around Darvin, but he refuses to acknowledge any history between them.


Wong was revealed in episode 28 to be an undercover agent for the Alate Council, attempting to recover Zola Zucconi Phrojekt's lost artifacts. He was a powerful manipulator of shadow magic, and was slain by the party in episode 31. It is unclear if his body is capable of returning from the dead once again.