The party rushes to the town walls to see the cause of the commotion… it seems that two red dragonborn are yelling at a blue lieutenant who has come back from a mission empty handed. The price of failure in the Esakar Empire is high, and the blue is condemned to death. The part sees an excellent opportunity for their assassination attempt – the execution the next day.

Ron Wilbur makes his return with another adventurer named Nolan , who helped him find his way through the wilderness. Ron knows exactly what the blue failed at…he was supposed to retrieve a sarcophagi from the desert, but Ron managed to swipe the burial chest and hide it near Lake Leanor .

They plan long into the night and finally agree on one idea, they disperse themselves throughout the town square and the rest of the outpost, and prepare to cause havoc once Johann looses his fatal shot at Yanvel .

Unfortunately Johann’s shot goes wide, and the city erupts into battle and panic. Yanvel is felled, thanks to the collective efforts of the group, and the battle won, but not without casulaties. Many innocents and rebels were killed along with the Esakar loyal troops, and Yanvel’s faithful bodyguard Etsojin escaped in the midst of the battle. There is no knowing his next step.