This is a summation of the 21st episode of The Landscape campaign, run by Shaun .

Having helped Karth Heartstring fend of the devils that were attempting to claim his soul, he gives them a gift of his unnamed skiff with which the group can use to leave the island, and his lute - actually a powerful magical shapeshifting sword named Ashtura . The group bids their farewell and resumes their search for treasure, and before long arrive at the destination marked on Linger's treasure map... another junglous island.

The map leads the group to an underground ruin, built to house beings of enormous size...likely dragons. The group dodges and evades a few traps, and find a strange Cypher Wheel on the body of a dessicated zombie. Quickly discovering the method of the wheel, they begin to unravel the history of the ruin.

Once called Arcimen , the ruin apparantly played the role of hotel to a variety of evil dragons. A guest book and a series of stone thrones reveal that Ashadon , Frichadar and Ounjerul once gathered here, and were held in high honour by the lair's true master - a dragon named Broxinullst .

Strange codes are found amongst the ruins - the most confusing of which are the following: a splash of acid etched "Severus Faustina" into the floor of a gathering chamber, and "Third Tooth" was etched with a dagger into the collarbone of a Tiefling skeleton.

Finally arriving in the sleeping chambers of the lair, the group finds huge piles of treasure - guarded by two bronze statues. The statues are defeated, and the lair's true treasure is revealed: a dusty old oil lamp . Darvin in his ... exuberance, attempts to polish the lamp to ascertain it's true value, but in doing so releases the being trapped inside (a stark raving insane titanium dragon)... and takes it's place as the lamp's inhabitor.