Tophat McMoncole - by Shaun Doiron

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Death's Emissary

Tophat McMonocle is a player character in The Landscape Campaign gamemastered by Shaun.

Tophat is known more for his impeccable taste in fancy clothes than for any particular set of skills or achievements.  Secretly, he misses the days when just being a gold dragonborn brought instant respect.  

The death and Bansheeifcation of Leanor left Tophat shaken, and has led him to a partnership with Death in order to escape his clutches

During combat with Drow rebels, he was poisoned with a neurotoxin that has left him
with a slight twitch, leaving monocles a-droppin at inopportune times.  When traveling to the Love Dimension, he finds out that his allegiance to Death has hindered healing attempts.  This reminder of his own mortaility has hastened his efforts to find a solution.