This is the LANDSCAAAAPE is the 18th episode of The Landscape , a 4e D&D campaign run by Shaun.

Mac scrambles to his feet as the undead dogs pounce on him, one taking a huge bite out of Mac’s leg. The party rushes to his aid and manages to kill one dog, and restrain the other with a collar and chain found in the room. They explore deeper into the tomb and find a mural depicting a gensai wearing crystalized armour battling Ounjerul , destroying the armour, and then being laid to rest.

The party overhears some dragonborn talking in the next room, and burst in, using the element of surprise to send two of the soldiers hurtling into lava pits, and forcing their commander to surrender. The bronze dragonborn promises to relinquish information if allowed to commit honourable suicide. He reveals his troops were searching for a mythical creature to put to use as a warbeast for the Esakar Empire , and that they are responsible for removing the sarcophagus of the king who had been buried here. Tophat denies the dragonborn his last wish, and hurtles him into a lava vent.

Entering the final chamber, the group meets Barakat , the gensai from the past they had been following. He is now a wraith, and is unable to find rest now that his master’s body has been stolen. He fills in some gap’s about his king: known as the Fourth Son of Molten Eye , who forged his crystal armor using the Crystal Requiem, a book later stolen by the Rose Mist Court , and then recovered again by Barakat just prior to The Fourth Son’s death. Barakat beseechs the group to help recover his master’s body.