Continuing to search for clues as to what happened in the town. They view Heirnan ’s tower through the looking-glass and see Roussan and Heirnan argue, Roussan leave, and then Heirnan set to work on some sort of ritual. As he completes the ritual he sits down at his desk and turns to glass, and a strange dark skinned man with sashes and a red turban enters, a medallion around his neck looks to be made of jagged crystal. He smashes the Heirnan statue and takes a book off of Heirnan’s desk. The group decides to follow this image of the past, wherever it might go, and following with an eye glued to the telescope, the turbaned man meets up with some of his allies and travels south, passing Linger’s mountain.

The group feels confident they can find the trail again if they look hard enough, and goes to visit Linger , who convinces them to perform a task for her that they had put off for some time: kill Frinex , the young black dragon living in the swamp just outside her doorstep. Mac exuberantly agrees, and they set out to find the dragon’s lair, using the telescope to track past movements in the swamp.

Finding the lair, their infiltrate and accidentally gain the attention of it’s kobold guardians. The noisy battle alerts Frinex, and he bursts into the room, spraying his acid breath liberally, and laying waste to the adventurers. With Leanor down and unconcious, and several of the other party members about to similarly eat dirt, Mac finally strikes the killing blow. As Frinex dies, Mac goes into pain wracked convulsions and falls unconscious, preforming first aid, the group finds his chest to be covered in draconic writing – the names of four dragons are branded into his skin…