This is a summation of season 2, episode 4 of the Landscape campaign.

The adventurers begin their trek through the dense jungles of the Bellwash. Only a few days pass before they find themselves being tracked by the same mysterious halfling that tried to outbid Darvin for his brontosaurus. The halfling repeatedly offers seemingly vast fortune and favours if only someone would trade dinosaurs with him so he could mount his prized palaquin on a fitting beast.

All refuse.

The adventurers continue, having dissuaded the strange halfling, and find themselves enjoying the peaceful ride yet again... until disaster strikes. Darvin's keen ears detect a ruckus in the forest ahead; it seems that a stampede of jungle animals is headed straight for them. They rush to escape its path, and find too late that the cause of the stampede is nothing other but a strange supernatural blue mist, moving through the trees almost at a purpose.

When the Blue Wind's vapours flow around the adventurers, they find themselves undergoing a startling change. Each of them has been altered by the wind in some significant way, some more drastic and shocking than others (ie. the brontosaurus has taken a strange, twisted half-human form, and gained sentience). Almost worse, however is the troupe of mutated gorillas that now surround them, driven mad by their transformation the gorillas attack! The struggle is furious, but is quickly over, in no small part thanks to the reappearance of the strange halfling.

After dealing with the unfortunate beasts, the adventurers return to their travels, and weeks later arrive in the limestone city of Yaral. The city is one of the nicer they have recently visited, and although there is the inevitable run in with a pickpocket, justice is served.

Meeting the lovely and strange apothecary Clara LaPointe is the highlight of the city so far, an albino elf who has information about Ounjerul's hoard, and the people in charge of transporting it to his lair.

Finally, checking out the Blast Bridge Yards, the adventurers are informed they've recieved a package! An attendant gives them a key to a Blast Car, and walks away. As the door opens an ominous red light, pulsing eeriely spills out...