Mac and Dunder are joined by a wandering robotic priest named Planck . They venture out to investigate the mountain range to the NE, and find the hunter duo Johann and Gnarl (an elf and gnoll, respectively). They camp for the night and receive a letter delivered by messenger squirrel: they are invited to a tea party with a local dragon! They hike their way up to its lair and meet Linger , an elder gold dragon, and her servants Aveven (scribe and calligrapher) and Tophat McMonocle (a warlock).

She tells them of a rival black dragon named Frichadar , a powerful sorcerer dragon, whose minions are encroaching on her territory. As she’s very busy, she requires assistance from the adventurers. Clear out the kobold warband, and she will pay them handsomely.

On their way to complete the task assigned, the group witnesses a terrifying battle between Linger and Frichadar … and a swarming brood of his wyrmling descendants. The wyrmlings sense easy prey and break off to attack the party. A hard fought battle saw nearly everyone expending all their resources, but it was a bittersweet victory: Frichadar’s eldest wyrmling managed to escape, ducking and dodging a few frantic last attacks from Mac and Planck.

Looking up, the group sees that Linger and Frichadar both barely survived as well, the smaller black dragon seemingly gave as good as he got, or better! The massive dragons depart, returning to their lairs to heal themselves.