The Skyrunner

Used by

The PCs







Power Type

Orbus or Minor Helm


1 Heavy Ballista, 2 Medium Ballista, 1 Long cannon

Keel Length


Beam Length


Based off of a typical groundling Galleon design, the Skyrunner has reduced cargo space in exchange for a thicker hull and heavier weaponry. Although based off a seagoing vessel, it is barely seaworthy. Particularly unique is the capability of using either an Orbus or a minor helm to power the ship.


The Skyrunner was commissioned by John Tobart to appear like a regular groundling ship. Along with his awakened and polymorphed crew, he set about his plan to deceive the player characters into bypassing the Beholder-proof wards of the Ravager.

In session 2, The Hive, Yorick Morack took command of the Skyrunner after John fled when his deception was revealed. The PCs used the ship to fly into the massive chambers of the Ravager to defeat it from within.

In sessions 5-7, the Skyrunner received a few upgrades while at the Duncan Heavy Industries factory on Aballon, including a chaser cannon and the Hydra, a small two person spelljammer.

In session 15, the Skyrunner was sunk by the Kyomi Shogunate's warship, Kyomi's Grasp. With it's Spelljamming core destroyed, the party hid the wreck and left to find a replacement core.

In session 22, fearing Kumadan forces were hot on the trail, the party abandoned the wreck of the Skyrunner and fled the system in the Gero. The Skyrunner's fate is unknown...