The party continues along the Porpoiseless River , eventually coming to the T they saw on the dragonborn’s map, and they head east from there, scouring the desert for the encampment. They crest a hill to see a sprawling town of well over a thousand people before them, obviously set up to support the invading armies. They enter the town and head towards the marketplace, where a silver dragonborn named Gladius is being executed for his traitorous crimes against the Esakar Empire . Attempting to get a closer look at the executed body, they are stopped by Gareth Farwall , Leanor's elder cousin. He warns them about the dangers within the city, tells them Gladuis was part of a secret rebellion against the current Emperor and brushes off questions about his own reasons for being there.

The party decides to look for the rebellion, to see if they can help them. Tophat goes to a dragonborn-only tavern and poses as a high ranking official, and interviews several dragonborn about Gladius. Leanor and Darvin go to a “no-scale” tavern and find a suspicious group of men, and follow one of them back to his home when he leaves. Leanor seems to make a connection with the dwarf, and Darvin attempts to connect with the rebellion by posing as a slave.

Mac and Johann split up, and Mac witnesses Commander Yanvel order the death of a young elven mother and daughter for accidently getting in his way on the street. Mac swears vengeance upon the hated races of dragon and dragonborn, telling the deceased’s wife that he will kill Yanvel.

Tophat approaches Yanvel, again playing the role of a high ranking investigator, and begins giving orders. So far, Yanvel seems to be going along with it.

A warning cry erupts from the walls, and the party rushes to see what’s happening…