Leaving the psionic natives of Castrovel behind, the party sets course for the next planet in Golarion Space.

Upon approaching, they find the planet to be surrounded in a thick field of debris; twisted chunks of rock, wood and metal. Amongst the wreckage, the remains of two partly intact spelljammers. Carefully maneuvering between the debris, Gulug brings the Skyrunner in and the party boards the first vessel: a warship with a dragon motif across the bow.

Inside, the air is stale and the stench of death is unmistakable. The inner walls of the vessel are pocked with scratch marks and eaten away by acids, but a discovery is made! A black dragonborn hidden amongst the bodies still lives!

After recuperating, the dragonborn introduces himself as Kel. Though he knows not why he is here. He tells the fantastic story of his challenging an evil ruler on his homeland. With a flick of the emperor's wrist, Kel's reality faded, and next he knew, he woke up here. Intrigued by his story, the party asks Kel to accompany them and aid in their investigation.

The party boards the next vessel, a patchwork assemblage of different ship parts, including but not limited too water wheels, an ironclad hull, smokestacks and regular ol'sails. There are obvious signs of combat in this ship as well, but the only clue remaining is a body in the captain's quarters, with a death grip on a lantern and surrounded by the ashes of burnt parchment. The only legible writing: "...but I fear it is too late. Aballon's surface shakes and hellfire spews forth. The last ships leave shortly, but we will all pay for our greed."

Pushing deeper into the debris field towards the planet's surface, they spot a small shining beacon... that's barreling towards them at top speed! The small metal box collides with the ship, exploding. Taking evasive maneuvers, they make for the planet, and are beset on all sides by the tracking projectiles. Some of the projectiles that make contact with the ship, instead of exploding, unfold, revealing an Autognome. Small, mechanical simulacrums of gnomes, they attack the crew with piston fists, crossbows, and lightning wands hidden in their various compartments.

With skill, courage, and a little luck, the party maneuvers through the field, evading as many of the autognomes as they can, while fighting their unwelcome guests, and finally breach the debris field and see for themselves the dead planet of Aballon...

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