Reaching into his bag, Grey-eye Deadtalker pulls out a wisp of smoke in a small stoppered vial. He speaks the ancient words and his solid form dissipates into a light mist. Using this form, he is able to bypass the defenses on John Tobart's armory. Inside, he discovers the artifacts John was hiding: six arrows of Beholder Slaying. Grey-eye returns with more questions than he started with.

The ship begins to decelerate as they reach the supposed location of The Ravager. Yet their target is nowhere to be found. Enraged, John barks at his crew to search the area. Just as Tobart's rage is about to overtake him, a shimmer of light in front of the Skyrunner reveals the Hive: the massive asteroid that houses the Ravager.

A ship off the starboard bow! A Beholder Scout Ship is approaching. A brilliant green arc of energy jumps from the beholder ship to the Skyrunner. The Twelth-Eye temporarily nullifies beholder magic, revealing John's true form. He shifts back to his beholder mage body, while the polymorph spells he was using to make the ship's animal crew appear human expire.

Consumed by rage, Tobart charges at the beholder ship, before realizing his foolishness and retreating to the Skyrunner's hold via a dimension door spell. The PCs engage the beholder ship, Grey-eye Deadtalker takes control of the Skyrunner via it's spelljamming helm, whilst Octavius Kapo Thundertone and Yorick Morack man the ballistae. Meanwhile, the Skyrunner's animal crew hop, slither, flap and gallop haphazardly around the ship.

With a well placed ballista bolt, the beholder ship breaks apart. The surviving beholders attack the PCs but are defeated and surrender. During questioning they identify John Tobart as Shazogrox, a beholder exiled long ago from the Greshtharx Nation. They also proudly declare that the rest of the Greshtharx Armada is en route to capture The Ravager and the puny humanoid PCs can do little to stop them.

Intent on stopping the beholders from gaining control of such a powerful weapon, the PCs enter the Hive. Easily bypassing the beholder-proof wards, they travel through the rock tunnels, inscribed with depictions of the Ravager's history, before arriving at the Ravager proper.

With crumbling rock and the scraping of metal, the Ravager comes to life. From the control room, John, thanks the PCs for getting him through the beholder-wards. With bouts of maniacal laughter, John prepares for the incoming Greshtharx Armada while the PCs rush to the control room.

Firing massive beams of arcane energy from it's eye-stalks, [[the Ravager] makes quick work of the Greshtharx Armada. The PCs confront John and defeat him, ending his revenge-fueled plot.

The PCs send the Ravager in the direction of the nearest star, and destroy the quasi-artifact The Queen's Eye that allowed John to control it.

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