About to enter the Silver Oak , the party is interrupted by Darvin Woodlund , a nomadic elven druid, curious about what is going on. They recruit him to enter the depths of the tree with them. Entering the Oak, they are beset by elven skeletons attempted to protect the site. A trap is sidestepped – a giant acorn growing within the heart of the tree plummets to the ground, crushing several skeletons, and breaks open to reveal an emerald the size of a small pumpkin.

Darvin quickly snatches up the emerald, and they continue deeper, entering a dome like chamber housing a giant stone hand. Darvin attempts to place the emerald into the palm of the hand, but disturbs and awakens it. It attacks them, and they nearly fall to its might, but with a final flurry of blows, the construct crumbles, revealing a letter to “Hugo” and a locked hatch in the floor.

Ron Wilbur reveals that he is the addressed Hugo Zucconi , hiding his true identity to protect himself from murderers who have been hunting down anyone associated with his wizardly mentor: Zola Zucconi Phrojekt . The group returns to town.