This is a summation of episode 30 of the Landscape Campaign.

Ron sets to work ensuring that his shop enjoys a smooth transition to new management now that Wong has left to pursue more evil interests. The group sets out to find the Shadow Temple. They find that things are not all well in the Landscape - Ashadon's mountains have been claimed by Broxinullst, and the titanium dragon has sent giant rock golems throughout the area to keep an eye out for intruders into his realm.

Finally arriving at the described location - a small idyllic cabin surrounded by willow trees, the party breaks their way inside. The front door shows them nothing more than a peaceful and well-maintained cottage, but by entering through the rear door, the cabin's secret as the hidden entrance to a dark and evil place is revealed. Without a source of natural light, the first of the adventurers to enter the magically dark cabin are attacked by a lurking grue, but quick thinking and firey torches frighten off the noctural loving abberation.

They descend into the bowels of the Shadowboys' lair, and find themselves attacked again - this time by a lone, sinister Shadowdancer who, once outsmarted and defeated, is found to be a pretty young woman, with a silver locket around her neck bearing the images of herself and the charming adventurer Nolan!