The Blade Mishra Who Killed Goramell is a legendary claymore in The Landscape Campaign.

The item was found in the Rockchewer Hold during the party's escape in the flood caused by Ron Wilbur , and is currently in the possession of Tophat McMonocle. The blade is currenly broken, but is still quite lengthy, capable of being used as a short sword.

It is known that the original owner of Mishra was a human paladin named Ishton Pelfast, who used the blade to slay a powerful drider named Goramell. It is believed that the missing shards of The Blade Mishra could be located somewhere in the Underdark, but without a reliable method of navigating the shifting tunnels in the Deeps, any attempt to do so would be foolhardy.

The Blade Mishra Who Killed Goramell has shown to react when large and supernatural storms gather by vibrating slightly. Tophat believes that if the sword were repaired with its missing components, the true extent of it's relation to the weather would be revealed.