This is a summation of episode 24 of The Landscape campaign.

The party heads north to the arctic circle in hopes of finding a cold enough place to incubate the Ehotha Egg. After braving the frigid cold and nearly succumbing to frostbite, the group finds two feuding camps of Goliath tribespeople. The druid leaders of the camps are the only ones capable of communicating - through the party's druid Darvin Woodlund. The camps both inform the group that their respective herds of Dire Seals have been stolen, and both blame the other tribe.

Through their investigation, the group finds a tribe of giants has stolen the seals, and is keeping them as a stock of food. Using their wits instead of brawn, the group frees the seals and returns them to the Goliath tribes. The tribe's druids lend the group a pod of dire seals to ride to a Druidic holy place - a sanctuary of cold.

Upon arriving at the North Sanctuary , they find a peaceful pool of perfectly still water. Darvin places the egg into the pool, which glows with a powerful blue light and then disappears, opening a magical portal. The group steps through and disappear from the material plane...