The adventurers enter the town of Glasshaven to find it abandoned and dilapidated. Eerie glass statues of the townsfolk are scattered around the streets and buildings, and it becomes quickly apparant that something terrible has happened here. Deciding to investigate, they enter the two large orange glass towers, and find clues left behind by two rival wizards: Heirnan and Roussan.

Their search for clues leads them to the top of Roussan's tower, where the elf, now made of crystal glass, attacks them and enters the Heart of the Tree , possessing Darvin . The group, unaware of this sinister occurrence, continue their search and find a pink lensed telescope at the top of Heirnan's tower. Darvin/Roussan takes this opportunity to attack, using his dominating psychic abilities to turn the adventurers against each other. In the end, Darvin/Roussan was beaten into submission, and the spirit of Roussan was expelled from the Heart, freeing the elf from his diabolical curse.