This is a summation of episode 34 - the season finale - of the Landscape Campaign.

The heroes leave Ounjerul’s abandoned lair and follow the mysterious crate the automatons tossed into the river. Eventually catching up with it they find it was addressed to “Alice Gullfat” and is just one of many crates to be sent to Fort Selis Bay. Unsure of what this new information means the party allows the crate to continue down the river, which eventually arrives at Esakar Landing.

The party enters the port city and begins to search for Alice Gullfat. After meeting up once again with Mac, they find that Alice Gullfat is in fact a Merdwarf ship, and confirm that Ounjerul has fled to the old continent across the ocean. The dwarves are uncooperative and the group encounters a strange fellow with a painted face and glowing eyes. Johann attempts to follow the strange man, but the fellow seems to be on to him, and walks in circles for hours, until Johann becomes bored and leaves him alone.

Suddenly things begin to take a turn for the worse, as one by one disaster befalls the group. Darvin’s lamp is pickpocketed, Reginald is arrested – and subsequently Tophat is captured attempting to rescue him – and Kel finds himself in a strange negotiation with a Teifling ship captain named Conquest.

Mac commandeers and small fishing boat, and after accidentally killing it’s original owner, flees out onto the rocking waves of the ocean at the pleading behest of Speelock.

Johann and Darvin hear word that Tophat and Reginald are both to be executed. They watch in horror as Tophat is locked into a giant metal rocket, and Reginald is hoisted to the top mast of Ametemnon’s war galley. In a daring, frantic rescue the pair manages to free Reginald and alter the trajectory of the rocketship by merging Lovebot’s circuitry within it before stowing away aboard the Alice Gullfat as it leaves port.

Now, the group separated across several ships and the world, they can’t help but wonder what awaits them on the other side of the ocean, and what terrible fate each of their companions met…

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