This is the 19th episode of The Landscape Campaign, run by Shaun.

The group takes Barakat with them to recover his lost master's sarcophagus, stopping in Grem's Slide to recover a horse and cart with which to carry it. Valerie makes an appearance, and the group notice's new buildings being constructed, the town is expanding.

The group returns the sarcophagus to the temple, and are rewarded with a magical warlock rod, and the Crystal Requiem , a book containing powerful rituals for creating items and manipulating crystal and glass. Having now been rewarded, they abandon their rented horse and cart, and set out to find the treasure on the map Linger gave them.

A brief jaunt throught he desert puts them on the coast of the Razor Sea , a foreboding body of water larger than any of them have ever seen. Mac builds a suitable shelter against an oncoming thunderstorm, and in the middle of the night they are disturbed by Rutsu and Ikansa , a white dragonborn couple deserting the Esakar military. The couple give them a wealth of information, including the location of Esakar Landing, a large port town established by the dragonborn force. They inform the group of the Esakar's true reason for being here - they were driven out of their former home by a rival kingdom composed of Tiefling warlords. They also note that Emperor Ametemnon makes the Landing his home.

The group goes to Esakar Landing and scouts about, noting the immense size of the port, and that this is probably the one place the dragonborn have truly settled on the continent. Tophat McMonocle commandeers The Whorl - a former fishing boat - and it's crew, and directs them to sail to a mysterious island indicated on Linger's map.