The group continues searching for information on the dragonborn army. They find three dragonborn scouts moving through the mountain pass. One carries a sealed letter (with the emblem of a battleaxe), the letter directs Commander Avishul to stake out a spot for a 100-man outpost at the western slopes of the first tooth of ashadon, as one of many staging grounds for the grem’s slide invasion (signed by General Relall ). It also contains a map that marks off two other outposts. One in the desert, and another in the forest.

The group continues along a river, heading north, and on the border of a mushroom forest they encounter two men arguing beside a pile of crates. The men entrust the transport of the crates to the party – they are destined for Grem’s Slide , and leave. The party opens the crates and find urns filled with bone dust. They hide the crates and continue.