This is a summation of episode 29 of the Landscape Campaign.

The portal grows until it completely covers the face of the clocktower. All gaze on in terror and amazement as a lone man is spit out of the swirling vortex.

It's Ron!

Tumbling to the ground, he casts a spell to slow his fall, and then begins hurling bolts of magical energy back at the portal, as a gargantuan time whale emerges in hot pursuit. The time whale however, having left the protection of The Timezone, begins to rapidly age, dying and decomposing before hitting the ground.

Wong escapes, Valerie falls to her death, the group meets Lovebot, and a fed up Mac leaves with Speelock to try and take down the dragons he has been hunting this entire time.

Continuing the search for Wong, the party goes to his house on the outskirts of town. They find a few clues, but also a trap! A tripwire device activates, dragging everyone but Tophat into a shadowy maze. After a few wrong turns, they emerge, but find that Vincent is changed by the experience.

The group says a few words in memory of Valerie, and then return to Ron's Shop. They find the cellar and safe being robbed by Shadowboys, and dispatch the majority of them, saving the ringleader for interrogation. Unfortunately he has little to say, giving only scant clues about Wong's motives and whereabouts before Darvin kills him.