This is a summation of the 23rd episode of The Landscape campaign.

The party decides their first course of action should be to speak to the Metallic Dragons Roger and Gust, and they trek out beyond Linger’s mountains to the rolling hills beyond. Tophat leads them to a massive abandoned cathedral of Pelor, which the eccentric Copper dragon Roger has converted into an art museum. It seems that the young Roger is nervous about facing off with any of the evil dragons the group is up against, and thanks them for their patronage, accepting the Rose Looking Glass as tribute for their visit.

The group then travels along the North edge of the mountains, seeing that the lush forest turns into a sparse tundra further north. They come once again to Johann’s Bulge and recover their skiff. Using the skiff they scout the granite cliffs of the peninsula for Gust’s lair, eventually finding a sunken ship that marks the entrance. The enter the lair and the bronze dragon perceives the adventurers to be intruders, setting his lizardfolk soldiers on them. The group calls for peace, invoking Linger’s name, and Gust orders the warriors to stand down.

The party explains their situation to Gust, and he informs them that Linger most probably retreated to a lair she keeps on the Astral Plane, the group will have to find a way there to bring her back. Gust recognize's Johann's bow Darkcoral, and questions the elf about the Bro Code. Johann explains and Gust finds their morals are close, Gust gifts Johann with Darkcoral's Bracers, and Johann pledges allegiance to the Order of the Bronze Dragon.

The party returns to Tulan to ask his advice about extra planar travel, but it seems their best bet is to meet up again with Ron Wilbur and resume the quest for his master's lost artifacts. Darvin asks Tulan about the Blue Egg , which the lich says is likely the egg of the reincarnation of Ehotha, a powerful ice elemental long ago trapped on the Material Plane. In order to make the egg hatch, it will have to be brought to a place of intense cold in order to incubate.