This is episode 1 of the second season of The Landscape.

Tophat McMonocle awakens, finding himself trapped inside the crash rocket ship. Freeing himself, he emerges to see a dense jungle on all sides. Reconaissance finds a distant spire - surely a sign of civilization - and he sets out with Lovebot's circuit boards safely tucked inside his bag.

Somewhere on his trek through the jungle, Tophat crosses paths with a band of halfling dinosaur riders, led by a fearsome mute human named Kill-Many-Chiefs. This band, known as the Spindlevine Tribe, question Tophat about his strange appearance in their jungle, and reveal that they want to take advantage of his draconic hertiage to gain access to the locked city of Pearlstripe.

Tophat's draconic nature seems to do the trick, and the band enters the city, pillaging and looting their way to the central fort of the city. Within are a number of mosaics, frescos, paintings and secret passageways - all of which have something to do with an ancient chaotic evil known as the Seven Deadly Winds. Breaking their way into the bowels of the fort, Tophat finds an automaton dragonfly and replaces it's computer core with that of Lovebot.

The next room holds a shiny looking sword placed on an altar - a familiar set-up which no one seems to realize is a sacred chamber of protection housing the aforementioned unspeakably evil air elementals.

The chamber seals, trapping everyone inside as the ancient souls of the dragonborn first committed to trapping the winds join forces to destroy the intruders. They are unsuccessful, and the party destroy the guardians and accidentally free the Winds. Oops!