This is a summation of episode 7 of season 2 of The Landscape.

The party awakens in the Snapjaw halfling tribe's camp, ready and excited for the raid on Ounjerul's lair. As Reginald summons an array of Tenser's Floating Discs, JimJam spends the hours leading up to the raid carefully planning their escape.

Finally the moment arrives, and a massive swarm of dire crocodiles assault Ounjerul's lair, drawing the blue dragon out. As the battle commences, the adventurer's slip through the entrance into the dragon's lair, ready for anything. Resistance is light, as the dragon has just begun moving in, and the traps are few - although certainly dangerous.

The adventurer's burst through into the hoard room in record time, and begin loading a variety of fantastic treasures into backpacks, floating discs, canoes, and - at the careful reminder of Darvin - avoid disturbing four immense guardian statues, structurally integral to the ceiling's support.

As the adventurers make off with their loot, Ounjerul finishes the decimation of the crocodile army, and returns to his lair - only to burst out again moments later, silently fuming. Terror creeps into the hearts of the heroes as the draconic tyrant systematically destroys every village on the shores of the lake. Worrying the dragon will spot them rowing through the water, JimJam, Darvin and Bilko stash their share of the hoard in the forest and hike the rest of the way to carts waiting for them downriver. The rest of the heroes manage to exit the lake via a different distributary and their own awaiting escape cart.