This is a summation of episode 31 of the Landscape campaign.

The party delves deeper into the Shadow Temple, eventually hearing Wong's voice ahead of them speaking to someone. They inadvertantly interrupt the conversation, and Wong leaps at them, summoning dreadful animated shadow beings to do his bidding. With a mighty magical blow from Ron Wilbur, Wong is killed. The loot: a grey ring which allows partial access to the Shadow Plane, and a magical white mask that allows it's wearer to communicate with a mysterious wizard. A mysterious wizard who desperately wants the Rose Looking Glass, and is willing to coerce, kill and bargain for it.

The group heads north, back to Roger's Gallery to try and regain the telescope, but they find the cathedral ransacked, and evidence that Ounjerul and Mac had been there. Returning to Grem's Slide , a wounded Roger is found sitting atop the Timewhale's aged bones. Lovebot heals the dragon and the eccentric beast offers some advice and information to them about their dangerous foe.