Shadow Mac

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The Purple Terror AKA Mac


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The Landscape










Fighter 7

Mac (AKA The Purple Terror, Shadow Mac) is a player character played by Shubert in the campaign The Landscape. He was once a mighty Behir, then a pathetic human, then a mighty human, then once again a terrifying Behir, only to be destroyed by lava and turn into the Shadow.


Mac began life as a twelve-armed blue monster known as a Behir. His mother, a forty-foot long serpentine terror, brought Mac up near a group of caves in the Nameless Desert. She taught him how to speak, how to hunt, and how to strike fear into the hearts of lesser creatures. At an early age, Mac was forced to seek out and claim his own territory like his brothers had before him. Before leaving his mothers side, they went on one last hunt into a forest far away from home. Just as Mac was to say his final farewell, a massive black dragon descended upon the pair of Behirs, cursing them for entering its territory. Mac and his mother fought back fiercely against their ancient rival but they are overwhelmed by acid and arcane force. The two are quickly beaten into the ground but Mac, having never lost a battle, doesn't know when to give up. Crawling after the black beast on broken arms and shattered claws, he taunts it one last time. "You're as pathetic as the humans that serve you" Frichidar looked back towards Mac and with the flick of a claw, turned him into the weak and pathetic Human he was when he first began this adventure. Since then, Mac has begun his revenge against Frichidar and other evil dragons, slowly reverting back to his gigantic, blue self one set of arms at a time.