Leanor's JournalEdit

Day 1

Today is an important day. I have thrown off the shackles of an unexceptional life and begun my quest for the exceptional. Before me, the Landscape: an endless blank slate upon which to carve my legacy and prove my existence to the world. I will have the grand adventures described in stories, and live a life full of experiences. I will not die unknown and quickly forgotten... not as just another parasitic noblewoman who accomplished nothing.

Accompanying me are two men; the first, Mac, is an enigmatic man I have trouble reading. He is evasive and difficult to speak with, and I wonder at his true intentions for accompanying me on this journey. In practice he is easy to travel with, and is quick to offer a helping hand. He is a proficient combatant, wielding exotic wrist-blades that in use have an entrancing fluidity. I look forward to learning more about Mac, I hope someday he will share his story with me.

The second, Dunder, is an ox of a dwarf. Standing five feet tall and nearly as wide, his presence is undeniable despite his quiet demeanour. He is a skilled invoker of elemental lightning, though he wields this power more like a club, brutally smashing his way through his opponents. It is a terrifying thing to watch. He seems wise and well experienced, I hope to learn from him.

We headed southeast, our destination the lake described to us at the Gilded Troubadour.

Already I have seen much. The forests are verdant and full of life I've never before witnessed. And at the river, our first challenge: Goblins. Disgusting creatures; unclean, their twisted faces pulled back in a permanent snarl. We attempted to hide but were spotted and forced into battle.

I am clumsy with sword and magic, and my attacks fail. However I provide support to Mac and Dunder and we are able to defeat the goblins with little resistance. Our first battle! The rush is incredible, unlike anything I've experienced before

A disturbing conversation. The men question my competence, and wonder if I am just a burden. If a noblewoman estranged from her family and fortune is of any use on a quest. I am taken aback and unable to speak my mind. It seems once again I am to be taken at face value... once again I am forced to prove my worth. As with my teachers, schoolmates, and acquaintences people see me only for my birthright and little else. Even my Father...

But that is why I'm here, is it not? That is why I gave up everything and started this fool's journey. I know just as well as anyone else my failings and I intend to conquer them.

Now, we make camp for the night. I will have the second watch. Already I have lived more in one day than I have my entire life.