Leanor Farwall
Leanor sketch

Appears in

The Landscape




Banshee (formerly Human)






Hybrid Bard/Warlord 6

Leanor Farwall was a character played by Jake in the House of Bob campaign The Landscape . She was a Warlord/Bard Hybrid who preferred to grant actions to her allies.

Leanor died on April 18th, 2012 after falling from a cliff.

On May 2, 2012 in the episode "Farwall", Leanor was accidentally turned into a banshee by her grieving father in an attempt to resurrect her body.

In Return to Farwall, Leanor's tortured spirit was finally put to rest, and the haunted duchy liberated from the undead.


You're sitting at a table in the Gilded Troubadour, winding down after one of your usual adventures, when you hear an argument breaking out a few tables down.

A sharply dressed, elderly man is speaking to a distressed looking young woman.

"Young Miss, I must insist. Your father is dreadfully worried, you must return to the castle"
"No, I refuse! I'm not going back! You're just like father, neither of you really understand me!"

You turn to take a closer look. The woman is wearing a thick traveling cloak but you can catch glimpses of a colorful, frilled nightdress underneath. Her well maintained appearance sticks out in the gritty tavern.

"It is behavior unfitting of your position. Besides, it is simply too dangerous! You have no training, no equipment, no companions, it's folly!"

The woman pouts and sits back in her chair, temporarily set back by her guardian's comments. Suddenly, she turns to meet your gaze. She stares intently for a moment, sizing you up.
In a flurry she rises, walks to your side and slams her hands down on the table.

"Then this man will be my adventuring companion! You cannot deny his strength! Now you and father need not worry. Come, we have much preparation to do!"
Before you or the guardian can say a word, the woman is pulling you by the arm towards the exit with fury and passion only seen of a woman trying to make a point.

It's going to be a long adventure.