This is a summation of season 2, episode 5, of the Landscape Campaign.

Darvin, Johann, Bilko and Kel head into the jungle to investigate reports of strange disasters befalling the trees in the forest. Before long, they happen across a large stretch of the forest that is covered - trees, shrubs and ground itself - in large blisters and boils. While investigating, a strange silver leaf blows into the clearing on a breeze, and as Darvin inspects it, the monstrous Indigo Wind blows in, and begins to attack the elf. Darvin loses his grasp on the leaf, and the wind picks it up, crumples it within it's misty personage, and darts off into the jungle, seeming for a moment to take on the form of a barracuda.

The adventurers regroup in Yaral and check out the delivery they recieved in the Blast Bridge shipyard. A cargo container address to Reginald is revealed to be Lovebot's new body. A fully sentient, transportable hospital!

Darvin, Johann and the nameless halfling skald gain access to a restricted dragonborn archive and research the Seven Deadly Winds, giving them a few new snippets of information. The halfling steals Elminster's Chronicles, a rare and very old book that appears to contain some information about the Rose Mist Court.

Finally, the group gets around to visiting Clara at her apothecary and meet both her sister Mylene, and her undead brother-in-law Paul. Clara tells them about a survivor of the warehouse explosion who may be able to give them more information about Ounjerul's shipments. The group revives the dying man and find out from him that a suicide bomber attempted to destroy something in the crates in the warehouse. It's unclear if his target was truly present. The only identifying quality of this man is a strange tattoo that Kel recognizes from the book Elminster's Chronicles.

The survivor tells the group that Ounjerul's shipment was likely headed towards Starvista Lake, a remote body of water deep in the jungle.