Karth Heartstring is a NPC from the Landscape campaign.

Karth was introduced to the adventurers as a blind hermit living on an island in the Razor Sea , a few leagues from the coast of the Landscape. He found an unconcious Darvin Woodlund after a massive storm destroyed the Whorl and left the adventurers stranded around his island.

Karth was once a member of an adventuring group called Hubris and the Heartstrings, a ragtag assemblage of heroes and heroines, who traveled the land playing their music in taverns and thronerooms. Karth explained to the group that the band had recieved their immense power and skill by making a deal with the devil-princess Glasya. Karth received eternal youth, mastery of the lute, and the ability to seduce women with a glance from the devil, in exchange for his soul.

A thousand years have passed, and Karth believes his former bandmates are now all passed on. He regrets his deal with Glasya immensely, and has in fact been pursued nightly by her agents every night since his one hundredth birthday. He dedicated himself to seclusion and holy reflection, learning mystical arts that would protect him from her hunters.

When the Whorl crashed into the tower he constructed on his island, the circles of protection he painstakingly crafted were disrupted, and he asked the adventurers to help him fend off the devils one last time, so he would have the chance to repair his protective circles.

The adventurers lent their assistance, but seeing the forces Glasya was willing to dedicate to hunt him down, Karth became disheartened, and gifted the travellers with his skiff so they could continue on his journey, asking that they only say a prayer for him at a shrine of Pelor, should they ever get the chance.