This is a summation of the 20th episode of The Landscape campaign, run by Shaun

Having had a mostly pleasant time of sailing, the group is caught unable to cope when hit by a massive thunderstorm on the ocean. Everyone is swept in the ocean, and the group awakens to find themselves scattered about a small island. At the center of the island is a large stone wrought tower, in which the group's ship now protrudes, and the lost adventurers make their way to the tower together.

The island's lone inhabitant, a youthful human male, seemingly blind, aids the group and asks a favour in return. The damage dealt to his tower by the mysteriously airborne Whorl, magic circles put in place by him hundreds of years before have been disrupted. He knows that when the clock strikes midnight, a host of demons and devils will appear and attempt to claim his soul. Willing to do him this favour, if not without naming their price, the group assists Karth Heartstring in battleing off a seductive succubus and her minions.