The adventurers have decided on a two pronged attack… Johann will light a fire on the south end of the camp, and the rest of the group will infiltrate from the north. Mac rushes in and gets caught between a kobold slink and a murky pool of water inside the largest tent. He drowns his adversary. While the rest of the group deals with Speelock and a Kobold Wyrmpriest, Johann finds a blue dragonborn roasting alive in the tent he set on fire. He rescues her and returns to the fight in time to see Frinex – the wyrmling black dragon – burst out from a tent and begin to lay waste. Once again, the party rallies valiantly and Frinex is forced to make good his escape, leaving behind Speelock.

The group takes the kobold prisoner and return to Linger, who is still in ragged condition. They inform her of the battle, and Frinex’s secret tunnel. She thanks them and offers them their reward – a pile of treasure, and a mysterious wooden box for Mac.