This is the 16th episode of The Landscape , a campaign run by Shaun .

The group finishes looting Frinex ’s lair and then returns to Linger to report it. She rewards them with a treasure map that leads to a deserted island off the eastern coast of the Landscape. At Leanor ’s request, they return to following the turbaned man from the past, who leads them back to Grem’s Slide .

While Leanor looks up clues to the man’s identity, the others concern themselves with the mystery of Wong ’s mysterious resurrection after being murdered by Darvin Woodlund . Using the telescope, they confirm that Wong did indeed dig himself out of the grave Darvin buried him in. Darvin attempts to confront Wong, but is deflected.

Leanor uses the telescope to see the man from the past leave Grem’s Slide. They follow once more, and are brought to a cabin in the woods, inhabited by an exceedingly kind woman named Shira . She informs them that the man was her father, and they see evidence of her half-gensai heritage. Darvin grants Shira a glance through the telescope, in which she sees her long missing father once more.

The group continues to follow Shira’s father, who leads them to the Nameless Desert , and they run into a group of ex-slaves escaped from the Esakar outpost . They inform the group that a new and much larger contingent from the Esakar Empire is incoming. Johann meets Valerie , a young woman he inadvertently knocked up during a night of drunken revelry before the Desert Outpost Uprising . He gives her and her companions supplies and tells her to meet him in Grem’s Slide.

Finally, the groups seem to arrive at the turbaned man’s destination – an ancient ruin lost amid the sands. Through the telescope, they look back 80 years to see it as a flourishing temple to elemental forces. Flame-haired gensai wander, gossip and preach to each other, and the turbaned man seems to be close with several of them. He entered the temple in that distant past, and the group sees the current day ruin is occupied and defended by someone, a small group of tents is set up just outside the entrance.