This is a summation of the 32nd episode of the Landscape campaign.

Determined to take the fight to Ounjerul, the party researches the armour of the Fourth Son of Molten Eye, fabled to make it's wearer invulnerable to the powerful lightning attacks of the blue dragon. The Crystal Requiem holds the receipe for the Glass Armor, and most of the components for it's construction are easily found, except for rare Strugline White Sand.

Not sure where it could be found, the group travels to Esakar Landing, where Kel knows there are several apothecaries who could help them in the search. An elderly alchemist tells them to search the mysterious fungal forests, the remnants of necrotic sludge dissolving a once vast mountain range.

A dwarven mining party is found harvesting the sand, and the group infiltrates the caves and take down the dwarves, led by brothers Gabe and Damon, finding enough sand to create a single suit of the armor they need.