The ooze creature smashes its translucent tentacles against the ceiling of the cave cave, causing debris to fall onto Kel and Ron . The creature announces itself with a gurgling ululation: “Uuklup the Ooze admits no sunwalkers to his home. Begone or feel the wrath of the Sea Mother !”

The battle is long and hard, but the heroes eventually succeed, and in his remains are found the dissolved bodies of several of his previous victims, the idol of Blibdoolpoolp, a power jewel, a lead scroll case containing several scrolls.

The group returns the idol, they find Glubblub is ready for them, having excitedly bound the other prisoners and prepared them for sacrifice. Leanor convinces Glubblub that sacrificing the half-orcs is NOT in his best interest, and he reluctantly agrees to free the potential sacrifices. Provided with a choice of destinations, the heroes ask to be led to Glasshaven , a town famously constructed entirely out of glass, and they are definitely obliged. Now, emerging from the Underdark cave systems, the intrepid party sees the town of Glasshaven before them…