Their monumental task complete, our heroes head for home. Although not many will ever know of or understand what happened here, the citizens of Golarion owe the party a great debt.

With a ship of their own and the immediate threat eliminated, the party decides to venture forth into their sphere and explore the other planets, but first, they need to tie up a few loose ends on Golarion.

First, Grey-eye Deadtalker's family, the Ugslash Tribe of Orcish warriors. At first threatened by the unidentified force descending upon them from the sky, the orcs recognize their old shaman Grey-Eye, and welcome him with great exuberance. They celebrate with a great feast, and Grey-Eye's return is seen as a sign of fortune, and plans are set into motion to gather the orcish hordes and invade the human lands of Lastwall... Before they go, the party gathers 15 strong orcish warriors to bolster their crew, including Waaug, a war chanter who's powerful voice impressed Octavius, asking the chanter to join and teach him her technique.

Next, they travel to Andoran, the homeland of Octavius. Octavius meets with his family, reassuring his worried wife, and imparting words of wisdom onto his daughters. He commissions a local wizard to create a device that will communicate his well being to his family, before saying farwell once again. Meanwhile, Yorick Morack shows off his sweet ride to the bewildered locals, and Grey-Eye attempts to keep the restless orcish crew under control.

Before departing, Yorick wishes to conclude some business with a certain brother of his... but first, a small detour. Hoping to sate the bloodthirsty appetite of their mini orc horde, they deploy them into the outskirts of the Elvish lands. A few dead elves later, and the orcish invasion of the civilized world takes it's first steps...

In the River Kingdoms,Yorick wishes to meet with his estranged brother Borick Borack. Borick, with whom Yorick has a longstanding rivalry, is found in his small farmhouse. Yorick means to show off his latest conquest, the Spelljamming ship Skyrunner, but Borick, quite satisfied with his own conquest, Yorick's ex-wife, and won't have any of it. In a fit of rage, Yorick uses the ship anchor to destroy the house, unintentionally killing the poor woman in the process.

Their business done, the party leaves Golarion once more for the vast unknown.

They arrive at the first of the unexplored planets in the system: a junglous planet (later identified as Castrovel)overgrown with plant-life. They make landfall and set forth with Waaugh and a small contingent of orcs to explore.

With some difficulty they progress through the thick foilage, but are set upon by the unidentified Species 001. Smooth, bluish green skinned, four armed bipeds with powerful psionic abilities who's evolutionary process eschewed speech and hearing. Without warning the creatures attack, stunning the party with mental attacks. At their mercy, the last of the party falls unconcious...

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