This is a summation of episode 8 of season 2 of The Landscape.

Having escaped the Starvista Lake region, our group of brave adventureres, currently split into two groups, meet up with their respective halfling cart-drivers. While loading up their loot, the halflings ask the adventurers how everything went, and oh, you know, if any of their friends or family are still alive.

Both halflings take the news hard, with Fiscil attempting to commit suicide, and Ethril attempting to stab Reginald. Both attempts are routed however. Ethril runs into the jungle, panicked and distressed, and Fiscil falls to his apparent death, thrown by Darvin. To ensure the depressed and suicidal halfling was truly out of his misery, JimJam shot a crossbow bolt into the halfling's motionless body.

Arriving in Yaral and meeting up once again, the group counts and divides their booty, check in with Clara and Mylene, visit Lovebot, and meet a deranged "snake-oil" salesman named Hepbup. The elderly human is selling a purportedly magical oinment he claims will make any two surfaces stick together. Darvin joins in on the man's act and earns a bottle for helping Hepbup sell his wares, Tophat threatens the human into lowering his price, and JimJam, ever the swindler, steals a bottle from him.

After debating their next move, the decide they need a safer and faster way than by boat to travel back to Grem's Slide, a way to deal with the Seven Deadly Winds, and a way to retrieve Kel's lost bracer. They meet up with Kill-Many-Chief and borrow the Blade that Trapped the Winds, then head to the city of Aerie by way of Border, skirting the edge of the Brighttomb Everstorm.

Kel stays in the town of Border, known for it's psion-run library, and the rest move on to the floating city of Aerie.