This is a summation of: season 2, episode 3, of The Landscape.

There is panic aboard the Oleander as an immense kraken attempts to drag the ship to the depths just outside Fort Selis Harbour. Kel takes advantage of the distraction and retrieves his confiscated weapons from Conquest's weapons locker. Rushing to escape the crushed, sinking ship, Kel collides into and trips over a tiefling shipmate, knocking a golden lamp from his hands. Kel, in retaliation and anger over his imprisonment, executes the surprises tiefling, and snatches up the lamp, recognizing it instantly...

A short distance away, in a dingy borrowed from the Alice Gullfat; Reginald, Johann, and Darvin attempt to row their way into the harbour, watching in fascination and horror as a distant ship is crushed by massive gray-green tentacles. Suddenly, Darvin dissolves into a cloud of smoke and is blown across the bay, Johann's keen elven eyes percieving that the swirl of Darvin-smoke heads directly towards the sinking ship.

Kel and Darvin, now face to face, the elf shocked at his location, but relieved at learning his lamp was in safe hands, now leap off the Oleander and swim over to their friends, leaving Conquest and her crew to contend with the kraken alone.

In Fort Selis, the group reunites with Tophat Mcmonocle and Lovebot (now in dragonfly form), and meet Kill-Many-Chief for the first time. After a round of beers to determine their next move, the adventurers begin to gather information on this new continent, and attempt to track down Ounjerul's various shipments and crates. A shipping manifest and Johann's charms reveal to them that the Rose Looking Glass may be on its way to a city named Yaral.

With that lead in mind, the group purchases dinosaur mounts for their travels, but not after a strange encounter counter-haggling with a wealthy halfling.