This is a summation of episode 27 of the Landscape campaign.

The party arrive in Grem's Slide and allow the citizens of the town to pay their respects to Leanor before passing onward into Karthoogh and ultimately to the duchy of Farwall. They are welcomed at Leanor's ancestral home by Lee Pennysworth, gnomish butler, and introduced to Rodmius Farwall. The distraught father asks for time alone, and the adventurers are shown to a comfortable guest house.

They have precious little time to relax before a visit from Gareth Farwall, who questions them about Leanor's death, and their involvement with the Esakar Empire. The adventurers are invited to dinner, and are outfitted with fancy clothing befitting a dinner with nobility.

Entering what they think is the dining room, the party is questioned once again, this time by Rodmius, and they recount the history of the group, including their exploits and conflicts with the Esakar. He seems unsatisfied, and opens the door to reveal an old enemy: Etsojin, former bodyguard of Yanvel, an elite agent of the Esakar Empire. He asks for their unconditional surrender, and when the party refuses, Mac and Tophat are quickly dispatched by the elite warriors. Darvin and Speelock jump out of the window, and Johann is left with Darvin's lamp, and surrenders.

Speelock seeks out help, and finds a friend in Reginald, Leanor's former tutor. Together they enact a plan to free the party, resulting in a daring high speed cart chase through the streets of Farwall. After evading their pursuers, the party returns to Farwall Estate to recover Leanor, who they hope has been resurrected by her distraught father.

They find the ritual to be underway, but Tophat spots wickedness afoot - one of the clerics tosses a strange medallion into the magic circle at the last moment, and the ritual is ruined! Leanor is restored not to life - but a horrifying undeath as a cursed banshee. She attacks her father, and Tophat catches a glance of the evil cleric ducking out of the chamber before Darvin closes the door...