The Esakar Empire is a faction in the Landscape campaign.


The Esakar Empire is a society predominantly made up of the dragonborn race, with members of other humanoid races composing a body of workers used for slave labour. The dragonborn are separated into a strict caste system organized by heritage, most easily identified by scale colour. Although marriages and matings do occasionally occur cross-caste, the children of such pairings are placed into whatever caste their colouration decrees - not the caste that their higher status parent belongs to.

Despite the harsh caste system, the interactions between dragonborn operate on a strict system of honor. All dragonborn are raised to believe their duty and rank is essential to the order and survival of their race, and that failure to the Empire is so dishonorable, that most would prefer death. Many dragonborn working in the military will commit ritual suicide if captured or earn a great amount of dishonor.


Gold scaled dragonborn occupy the highest status strata of the society, and upon reaching adulthood are always assigned leadership roles in the government and military.


Silver scaled dragonborn are the second highest ranked within the caste system, and are always appointed ranks immediately below that of a gold dragonborn. If there is no position available for a gold dragonborn above a silver dragonborn, one will be created, or the silver dragonborn will be demoted.


Bronze scaled dragonborn almost always act as minor government officials, and are often taught reading, writing and numbers so that they can act as accountants and scribes. Very few Bronze dragonborn every pursue a military career.


Brass scaled dragonborn act as a non-military militia and police force, working to keep the peace within the Empire's own borders. They are most often in charge of slaves, and because they are quite often of close relations, are fiercely loyal to their station and their caste-mates.





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It has been discovered that the Empire fled their former continent when a war against a Tiefling war-society was lost. Taking to the seas, the dragonborn empire eventually landed on the Landscape, and began making preparations to colonize the continent.

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