This is the 17th episode of The Landscape , a campaign run by Shaun .

Taking a closer look at the entrance to the gensai ruin, the group finds it guarded by a troop of dragonborn soldiers. Tophat McMonocle tries to bluff them into thinking he is their superior, but they appear to have been warned about him, and attack. The rest of the party shows up to help Tophat and the dragonborn retreat into the ruin.

Taking the opportunity to scout the exterior of the ruin, the group uses the Rose Looking Glass to view the past, and see the once proud temple was destroyed by a rampaging blue dragon - one they identify as Ounjerul - a rival of Linger 's, and a one of the several dragons on Mac 's hit list.

They enter the ruin and battle once again with the dragonborn, killing them to the last. They examine many of the murals and motifs left intact, and see that the gensai worshipped a mystical fire bird - the Pheonix. After encountering several devious traps, the party finds a secret entrance to a giant lava cavern housing a large blue egg. Darvin Woodlund takes the egg, and afterwards, in their continued explorations, Mac triggers another trap, falling through a trap door and sliding into a dangerous situation - two ravenous undead canines, eyeing him hungrily...