This is a summation of episode 26 of the Landscape Campaign.

Having fought off the frost hawks, and recovered Leanor 's body, the party presses on, not willing to let Leanor's sacrifice be for nothing. They quickly happen upon Morkah , a half-orc monk, who admits to be the one who attacked Mac , but defends his actions, saying: "What would you do if a four armed blue creature was bounding up a frozen waterfall after you?"

Morkah offers the group some information: he has seen the bird they are searching for hunted by a pack of sharkdogs. He leads them up the gorge to a plateau, and here they find Ehotha staking out a final stand against a vicious pack of sharkdogs, and several clouds of sentient icicle swarms hoping to feed on the scraps of their prey.

The party leaps into action, defending Ehotha and felling the predators of the frozen plane. Ehotha seems to recognize their altruistic intent, and quickly bonds with the group.

The party returns to the Material Plane, taking Ehotha and Morkah with them, and head back to Grem's Slide ...