The groups scrambles to defend themselves against this fresh attack, and just manage to fight them off due to the timely arrival of Ron Wilbur, owner of Ron's Shop from Grem’s Slide . They find a magical amulet on the goblins which – like a dowsing rod – is pointing them towards something in the distance.

Following the amulet, they walk into another ambush – this time elves! – and slay these new foes to find a matching copy of the amulet. As they bed down for the night, they see a distant tree, hundreds of meters taller than the rest, and a plume of smoke not far off. They devise a diversion – an animal messenger with a false message – and sleep peacefully.

In the morning they arrive at the Silver Oak , and find themselves confronted by a riddle – one deftly solved by the wizard – after a whole lot of guessing.