This is a summation of the events of episode 25 of the Landscape campaign.

The party emerges from the bluish portal to find themselves in another immense ice cave, this one lacking the sunlight and luster of the Druid's grove. They venture out of the cave into what seems to be an unending series of glacial gorges and canyons. Darvin spots an azure blue feather dangling from a ledge above, and leads the group upwards to investigate. A strange figure seems to be watching them from atop a frozen waterfall, and Mac ascends the waterfall, afixing a rope for his companions to follow him.

Just as Mac mounts the edge, the strange figure reappears and kicks our stalwart hero, sending him hurtling over the edge. Hearts jump to throats, but Mac manages to grab hold of the rope. Hundreds of feet below, a pack of vicious dire wolves back the party into a corner, and the adventurers begin to clamber up the waterfall to apparant safety.

The howling of the wolves rouse an aerie of frost hawks, who harrass the climbers. Leanor bravely sends her friends ahead of her, ensuring their safety, but is knocked off of the rope by a swooping hawk, and plummets to the ground. Mac in a rare moment of compassion leaps from the top of the waterfall, striking down a hawk midflight, and bodyslamming a dire wolf, somehow manages to survive the fall. He fights off the pack of wolves and recovers Leanor's lifeless body, retreating back up the waterfall to join his companions.